The Postmistress

af Sarah Blake
10t 34m Oplæst af Orlagh Cassidy

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The unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of Sarah Blake's historical heart-stopper, The Postmistress, read by the actress Orlagh Cassidy. Letters of love, telegrams of loss - the postmistress awaits them all The wireless crackles with news of blitzed-out London and of the war that courses through Europe, leaving destruction in its wake. Listening intently on the other side of the Atlantic, newly-wed Emma considers the fragility of her peaceful married life as America edges closer to the brink of war. As the reporter's distant voice fills the room, she sits convincing herself that the sleepy town of Franklin must be far beyond the war's reach. But the life of American journalist Frankie, whose voice seems so remote, will soon be deeply entangled with her own. With the delivery of a letter into the hands of postmistress Iris, the fates of these three women become irrevocably linked. But while it remains unopened, can Iris keep its truth at bay?


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Eileen Godtliebsen


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Penguin Books Ltd
Oplæst af
Orlagh Cassidy

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