Oliver Twist

af Dickens Charles
5t 44m

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Penguin Classics presents the audiobook adaptation of Charles Dicken's timeless tale, Oliver Twist, read by the actor Alex Jennings. The story of the orphan Oliver, who runs away from the workhouse only to be taken in by a den of thieves, shocked readers when it was first published. Dickens's tale of childhood innocence beset by evil depicts the dark criminal underworld of a London peopled by vivid and memorable characters - the arch-villain Fagin, the artful Dodger, the menacing Bill Sikes and the prostitute Nancy. Combining elements of Gothic Romance, the Newgate Novel and popular melodrama, Dickens created an entirely newkind of fiction, scathing in its indictment of a cruel society, and pervaded by an unforgettable sense of threat and mystery. Part of a series of abridged, vintage recordings taken from the Penguin Archives. Affordable, collectable, quality productions - perfect for on-the-go listening.


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Patrick Weng
Jeg elsker, når det ender godt!

Dejlig klasikker.. De onde er meget onde, de gode er meget gode og kærlighed er betingelsesløs Ære er noget man er født med Hvor var alting dog meget nemmere i gamle dage.

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Penguin Books Ltd

Klassisk fiktion (før ca. 1945)