Moby Dick

af Herman Melville
6t 2m Oplæst af William Hootkins

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The abridged downloadable audiobook edition of Herman Melville's epic tale of madness, obsession and society itself, Moby Dick. Read by the late actor William Hootkins. Captain Ahab is an eerily compelling madman who focuses his distilled hatred and suffering - and that of generations before him - into the pursuit of a creature as vast, dangerous and unknowable as the sea itself. More than just a novel of adventure, this is a haunting and important social commentary populated with several of the most enduring characters in literature. Written with wonderfully redemptive humour, Moby Dick is a profound and timeless inquiry into character, faith and the nature of perception.


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Michael Bojsen-Hansen


Alice Svensson

the teller is very charismatic and makes the sometimes quite technical whaling language endurable and at times ever enjoyable. The writer likes his parables for both good and bad. The book is not entirely what I had expected. It's quite slow at times but the colourful writing and nuances in the storytellers voice made it a good experience and a book well worth your time. I listened to it while biking to work and I have to admit that this was my first audio book, but it won't be my last.

Nina Nagskov Jørgensen

Fantastic story and the narrators voice is amazing!

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Penguin Books Ltd
Oplæst af
William Hootkins

Klassisk fiktion (før ca. 1945)