Concertina: The Life and Loves of a Dominatrix

af Susan Winemaker
320 trykte sider

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A memoir in three parts, Concertina spans five years of the author's life as she makes the extraordinary transition from culinary expert to professional dominatrix. Taking the reader into the secret, hidden world of suburban sado-masochism, Winemaker introduces us to a fascinating array of characters, before she breaks the code of domination: falling in love with a client. The chemistry between the author and her lover - a high-powered City executive addicted to extreme physical sensation - becomes the catalyst for a deeper and more intimate exploration of their desires. As they take the games out of the dungeon and into their everyday lives, the consequences of their union make addictive reading, and we learn something about relationships taken to a level most of us never dare experience.


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Simon & Schuster UK

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