Attention. Deficit. Disorder.

af Brad Listi
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A young man begins a life-altering journey after his ex-girlfriend's suicide in this dazzling LA Times bestselling novel about the exploration of life, death, and love. After Wayne Fencer, a recent film school grad, attends his ex-girlfriend's funeral, he struggles to come to terms with her suicide and the startling news that she was pregnant with his child. Desperate to understand and haunted by regret, Wayne begins a journey that takes him up and down the East Coast (on foot) and across the American West (in an RV), finally arriving at the Costco Soulmate Trading Outpost in the middle of the Black Rock Desert. Along the way, Wayne's journey becomes a series of meditations on modern life, drawing on everything from the ancient philosophy of Siddhartha Gautama to a visit with Gregorio Fuentes, Hemingway's fishing guide and inspiration for The Old Man and the Sea. An ironic, often humorous take on the anomie of youth ( People ), and set in the era of information overload, Attention. Deficit. Disorder. is a highly original novel that exhibits an unforgettable voice.


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