Susanna Hits Hollywood

af Mary Hogan
192 trykte sider

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Following her success as work experience girl at a celebrity news magazine, Susanna's been asked to help out with the juiciest job of all - covering the Oscars, live from LA! She can hardly believe her luck. This is her ultimate chance to schmooze with the A-list and get her hands on some National Enquirer-worthy scoops... But poor Susanna soon comes crashing down to earth as she realises what her job really entails. Once again Nell, the editor, treats her like a personal slave (well, who else is going to walk madam's handbag-sized pooch?) - and even when Susanna scores some time alone to investigate the venue, she comes up against some pretty tough security guards. And then she loses her press pass. All in all, it seems unlikely that Susanna will reach the stars in time for the big night. But then again, this is a girl who thrives on a challenge...


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Simon & Schuster UK

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