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Roofless dormitories, distracted teachers and a lethally dangerous underground labyrinth - Ribblestrop's visionary headmaster is out of his depth even before the pupils arrive! And when they do - what a bunch! Anything could happen - and anything does! 'Great verve and wit.' Bill Bailey 'And the next big children's book is... about a bunch of kids in a boarding school! ... a hilarious and morally questionable tale about a disastrous school whose pupils can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Ribblestrophas the crazy school appeal of Hogwarts and the grim humour of Lemony Snicket, and looks like a winner.' Suzy Feay, The Independent 'the most bizarre, quirky and odd, scandalous and funny, schooldays comedy known to children's literature... fun with elements of mystery and horror... an exceedingly bold debut novel is achieved with gusto.' thebookbag.co.uk 'If I had my time again I would without hesitation send my children to Ribblestrop.' Salley Vickers, author of Miss Garnet's Angel ' 'Ribblestrop is disgracefully dangerous high-octane fun of the highest order: an outrageous delight.' Saturday Guardian , 04 Apr 09


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