Heath Ledger: The Heath Is On!

af Nancy Krulik
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HEATH WAVE! Heath Ledger may come from the land Down Under, but he's taking Hollywood by storm! After starting out in local musical theater, this talented hottie left his hometown, Perth, and headed to Sydney to forge a career in television and film. Success came easily in Australia, with Heath landing roles in the TV drama Sweat, as well as some Aussie films. Then, at 17 and with less than a dollar in his pocket, the precocious actor decided to try his luck in Los Angeles. He gained instant recognition starring opposite Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You, but the critical acclaim poured in after he nearly stole the show from Mel Gibson in The Patriot. And the rest has been Hollywood history. With lead roles in the eagerly anticipated films A Knight's Tale and The Four Feathers, Heath's career is on fire! Now, read all about Heath: his family life, his hobbies, his attitude toward show business, and more. In The Heath Is On, you'll get all the info on this up-and-coming young star: gossip, anecdotes, horoscope, vital stats -- it's all in here! The Heath is definitely on!


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Great book! Since it was published in 2001, it obviously don't tell anything about his last years and films. But this books tell you about his years as a kid, how he became an actor and then how his carrer developed. You get some nice details about the films and you really get to know how an amazing person he was! Lovely book for Heath Ledger fans!

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