Dr. Dave's Cyberhood

af David Walsh
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You wouldn't let your children wander off into an unfamiliar neighborhood alone -- nor should they be left to explore the vast world of electronic media by themselves. You may have read about the effects violent television shows and video games can have on children, but you know the solution isn't simply to unplug everything. The key for parents, says Dr. David Walsh, founder and president of the nonprofit National Institute on Media and the Family, is to be informed and involved when choosing the electronic environments where kids play and learn. Dr. Dave's Cyberhood helps parents take stock of the growing number of films, TV shows, video games, music, and web sites that stream into their homes every day. With Dr. Dave as a guide, you can Teach kids how to interact with media responsibly -- whether they're playing alone or with friends Evaluate the content of videos, electronic games, and web sites to help you decide if they are appropriate for your family Talk openly with your kids about the kinds of media they like and map out cyberhoods that everyone can agree on Complete with hands-on activities and positive recommendations for a variety of media products, Dr. Dave's Cyberhood gives parents the tools they need to find cyberhoods that their kids can enjoy -- and that they can trust.


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