Sweet 16

af Kate Brian
288 trykte sider

Forlagets beskrivelse

Teagan Phillips is obnoxiously rich, obnoxiously fashionable, and, this year, she's obnoxiously turning sixteen. No one's sweet sixteen party will be as glitzy, glamorous, decadent, and, well, obnoxious as Teagan's sweet sixteen party. She might single-handedly take the sweet out of sweet sixteen. In typical fashion, nothing is quite right for Teagan on the night of her sweet sixteen party. When a slew of unfortunate events unfold at what was supposed to be the sweet sixteen event of the century, she hits rock bottom, literally, by falling down the stairs into the wine cellar. When she comes to, a strange woman is standing over her. What happens next will bring Teagan back in time to when she was a sweet little girl with two parents, before her mother died and her father threw himself into his work. She'll be forced to face the choices she made that led her to be the person she is on her sixteenth birthday. And with the help of her fairy godmother (or whoever the heck the creepy woman in white is), this will be the sweetest of all sixteens.


Antal bedømmelser: 1
Jacob Ove Bech

Den er helt fantastisk og mega sjovt skrevet! Alting varer over 1 dag. En god bog som men ikke kan få hovedet fra. Kan meget vel anbefales. Kan måske blive lidt lang i midten med mange detaljer, (som man bare skal skippe over) og den er lidt forudsigelig, men også spontan! En super god bog.

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