Financial Strategies for Today's Widow

af David Latko
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A successful financial counselor with twenty-five years' experience empowers widows to manage their finances and attain lifelong security In many cases, losing a husband also means losing a financial partner. Suddenly, a widow is faced with essential decisions that she must consider single-handedly. With Financial Strategies for Today's Widow, David W. Latko, whose financial seminars have been attended by more than ten thousand people, answers every question a widow may have -- whether she is old, young, or in between -- and guides her out of any money problem. His advice is matter-of-fact, yet reassuring and uniquely tailored to every step of a widow's financial life including how to: • Understand the choices that come with reorganizing one's finances • Make sure there will always be enough • Know what your assets are and how to access them • Choose the right insurance • Choose a financial advisor User-friendly and replete with real-life stories of those who have benefited from the advice Latko offers here, Financial Strategies for Today's Widow takes readers through potential pitfalls and problems and lays out specific strategies for handling common economic hurdles.


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