Under Abduction

af Andrew Neiderman
320 trykte sider

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THEY DON'T WANT HER MONEY. THEY WANT SOMETHING FAR MORE PRECIOUS.... In broad daylight, Anna Gold is abducted at gunpoint in a supermarket parking lot. Her kidnappers -- a deranged man and woman -- drive off with her and hold her captive, shackled in a basement. Recently estranged from her orthodox Jewish family, Anna had just begun a new life in upstate New York, testing the world outside her restrictive upbringing. Her passionate love affair with a married man was one of her new freedoms...and now Anna, carrying her lover's child, may be paying the price. For it's not Anna her captors want, but her baby. Now, as a string of explosive events terrorize the town, a local detective leads the FBI to unmask a bizarre and deadly plot -- with the abduction of Anna Gold at its center. Your life is not your own.


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