Blood Game

af David Lyons
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Louisiana Federal District Judge Jock Boucher returns in the second installment of this intriguing new thriller series by David Lyons. LOUISIANA FEDERAL DISTRICT JUDGE JOCK BOUCHER RETURNS IN THE SECOND INSTA LLMENT OF THIS HIGH-OCTANE THRILLER SERIES BY DAVID LYONS. Having killed two men with his bare hands, federal judge Jock Boucher feels he’s unfit for his post on the bench. But when the president sends a fighter jet to whisk the renegade Cajun from a Mexican vacation to the White House to convince him otherwise, Boucher agrees to stay on. Trouble follows him, though, and on the night of his return to his home in the French Quarter, he is accosted by an armed street thug. Boucher defends himself. His attacker ends up dead. With the body count rising around him—despite all his best efforts—Boucher and his friend Detective Fitch of the New Orleans Police Department discover that the would-be bandit has put them on the trail of an illegal arms ring. Weapons are being trafficked to foreign criminal insurgents whose violent rampage across northern Mexico is blocking the development of one of the world’s largest energy fields, and powerful U.S. interests are determined to dislodge them by any means possible. Faced with the daunting possibility of hostilities with our neighbor to the south, Boucher must find a way to avert armed conflict on a scale he never imagined possible . . . while placing himself in mortal danger.


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