Hard Target

af Howard Gordon
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From the executive producer of 24 and co-creator of Homeland, this exciting follow-up to Gideon’s War involves a harrowing attempt to stop a homegrown terrorist plot to destroy the U.S. government. THE RIVETING SEQUEL TO GIDEON ’S WAR, HOWARD GORDON’S “AHEAD -OF -THE -CURVE THRILLER” (Alex Berenson) WITH A HERO WHO “TAKES SAVING THE WORLD TO THE NEXT LEVEL” (Vince Flynn). . . . “Move over, Jack Bauer,” raved Vince Flynn when international peacemaker Gideon Davis burst onto the literary scene in a blockbuster debut novel from Howard Gordon, the executive producer of 24 . Now, the action and suspense intensify in his harrowing new thriller. Settled into academic life and weeks away from being married, Gideon gets wind of a homegrown terrorist plot—a high-value, mass-casualty attack targeting the top tier of the U.S. government. His ex-girlfriend, FBI agent Nancy Clement, believes Gideon’s suspicions are valid, but no one will trust his source: a meth-head informant affiliated with a white supremacist group. When the informant is murdered, Gideon enlists his brother, Tillman—newly sprung from prison—as an undercover operative to infiltrate the real conspirators. With only Nancy’s support, Gideon and Tillman go rogue to stop a powerful titan’s audacious plan as the seconds tick closer to mass destruction.


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