The Ice People 5 - Friendship

af Margit Sandemo
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The Ice People 5 – Friendship, now in new translation. The Legend of the Ice People series has already captivated 39 million readers across Europe. This is Europe in 1625. The Thirty Years’ War is raging and many of the young men among the Ice People are also involved in it. Tengel’s granddaughter, Cecilie Meiden, is still employed as a nanny and governess at the Court of Denmark’s King Christian IV. His children, especially his favourite daughters, Anna Katrine and Leonora Christina, keep Cecilie on her toes while the King goes to war. But Cecilie has got herself into trouble. She is pregnant with a married man, who happens to be a vicar. Her good friend, Alexander Paladin, is also in very great trouble. Rumours have it that he has committed an unforgiveable sin, which usually leads to the death penalty. The series about the Ice People is a moving legend of love and supernatural powers, and not least the struggle between good and evil.


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