A Short History of Denmark in the 20th Century

af Bo Lidegaard

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A Short History of Denmark in the 20th Century is a personal introduction to the making of modern Denmark. Written by of one of the country’s most esteemed historians, the book explains the inner workings and international relations of one the most successful modern societies. The narrative is connecting Danish culture from the mid 19th century to the economy, to the construction of the modern welfare society, and to the complex relation between the small Scandinavian kingdom and her neighbors on the European continent and beyond. Bo Lidegaard’s book is written for non-Danes taking an interest in Denmark. But since its first English language edition, it has been translated into Danish to become a renowned national bestseller setting out for contemporary Danes a vision of their own recent past. Before taking up his present position as the editor-in-chief of the leading Danish daily, Politiken , Dr. Lidegaard served as the top foreign policy advisor in the Office of the Danish Prime Minister. He is the author of a number of acclaimed volumes on modern Danish history. His most recent book, Countrymen, on the rescue of the Danish Jews in October 1943, was published by Knopf, New York, in 2013.


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