The Ice People 4 - The Successor

af Margit Sandemo
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The Ice People 4 – The Successor (English eBook version), now in new translation. The Legend of the Ice People series has already captivated 39 million readers across Europe. Yrja Mattiasdatter is heavy, unshapely and disfigured from sickness. Because she is so unattractive, she is nicknamed The Thistle. But there is something else that burdens her as well: She is deeply and madly in love with the rich and charming Tarald, the son of Baron Dag Meiden and Liv of the Ice People. But Tarald has only eyes for his beautiful cousin, Sunniva. However, because of the evil legacy of the Ice People, a union between the two of them can be fateful … At the time, Norway is ravaged by the plague. Meanwhile, Tarald’s sister, Cecilie, is in Denmark where she is nanny to King Christian IV’s children with Kirsten Munk. Cecilie is drawn to the interesting Margrave Alexander Paladin but she holds no attraction for him. The series about the Ice People is a moving legend of love and supernatural powers, and not least the struggle between good and evil.


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