SkyWorld #2: The Collector

af Christian Guldager
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Sirius has become a real Sky Pirate. But as soon as he feels at home among the pirates, everything is taken from him. King Brago wants the Sky Pirates and their treasure map, and before long, Sirius, Hira and Warron are on a quest to find the four clues that will lead them to the legendary Mask of Humon and a chance to save Hira’s father. But the next clue is in a fortress belonging to a man-eating cyborg. The tale continues in the most dangerous city in the Sky Kingdom. SKYWORLD is an epic science-fiction tale about flying monster fish, friendship and the hero inside us all. Christian Guldager was born 1979, in Herlev, Denmark. He was educated as a multimedia designer, and he is a self-taught artist. In the past, he has worked on computer games, and he is currently working full time as an illustrator. In his spare time, he writes books. SkyWorld is his writing debut. Read more at


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Tom Joakim Helmuth

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Monica Christensen Birkler

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