Imagine Your Way To Everything

af Irma Lauridsen
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We all have an incredible amount of resource in our imagination. Thoughts play a big part in controlling a lot of processes in our body. If we learn to use thoughts and inner images consciously, the results can be astonishing. The book far exceeds what most believe can be achieved with visualization. It brings examples of specific visualizations and how they work. It describes the effect of colors. How about visualizing beautiful skin, a minor facelift, beautiful breasts, a slim body, a lovely sweetheart, increased self confidence ad success, getting rid of stress or a bad habit... You can strengthen the organs and the blood circulation. You can influence disabilities and diseases positively, at best even remove them from the body. Many have experienced being able get rid of a serious disease with visualization. In the book the author tells how she got rid of a tumor with visualization. Visualization offers un-dreamt of possibilities. Visualization is easy. Even children can do it. You just need to imagine the wanted result. You will be surprised at the changes you can create!


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