Inside the Unknown

af Irma Lauridsen
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There are phenomena that exist, which only a few people have ever heard about. Because the people that experience these things do not dare to tell about them. And many do not dare to hear about them or believe them. Because... what if everything in reality is different than we have imagined? The author of this book has sought out a number of people, that either have experienced something highly extraordinary, have witnessed miracles directly, or are themselves working daily with magic.The twenty two tales are so awe-inspiring, that it is impossible to stop until the final page has been read. Amongst other tales, there are the tales of: Parents that lost a child, only to have it return in their next child. A well-known author, who tells that he in reality is a spaceman, and tells about life on other planets. Ghosts that have completely taken over houses, people and animals. The child that already knew everything beforehand. The man who overtook another person’s body. Persons that remember previous lives, and in whose lives, traces of these earlier lives are evident. The man who was allowed to experience his deceased loved one - alive - in a different universe. Each of the storytellers are allowed to tell their own tales, only interrupted by questions from the author, without the author’s opinion or comments being added. In this way, the reader is allowed the opportunity to freely have his or her own unique experience of reading these unusual tales.


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Forlaget Vanessa

Astral projektion og ud-af-kroppen oplevelser
Reinkarnation og tidligere liv
Uforklarlige fænomener / det paranormale