Murder on the Orient Express [Movie Tie-in]

af Agatha Christie
6t 13m Oplæst af Kenneth Branagh

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A new recording of the most widely read mystery of all time, performed by Kenneth Branagh. Now a major motion picture from Twentieth Century Fox, releasing November 10, 2017 and directed by Kenneth Branagh. “The murderer is with us - on the train now...” Just after midnight, the famous Orient Express is stopped in its tracks by a snowdrift. By morning, the millionaire Samuel Edward Ratchett lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside. One of his fellow passengers must be the murderer. “What more . . . can a mystery addict desire?”— New York Times


Antal bedømmelser: 102
Kirstine Bunde-Pedersen

Er vild med hans stemme

Kirsteen Bulman

Fantastisk bog, og Kenneth Brannagh er fænomenal som oplæser!

Marianne Nielsen

God! Kenneth Branagh er en god oplæser, og nem at forstå!

Ryét Dina Myren

En evig klassiker. Fænomenalt oplæst af Kenneth Branagh.

inger hansen

En klassiker - fantastisk oplæst!

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Kenneth Branagh

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