Don't Let Go

af Harlan Coben
10t 15m Oplæst af John Chancer

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THE GLOBAL NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER The brilliant new thriller from the international bestselling author of Home and Fool Me Once . Mistaken identities, dark family secrets and a murderous conspiracy lie at the heart of this gripping new bestseller. 'The modern master of the hook and twist , luring you in on the first page only to shock you on the last,' Dan Brown 'Harlan Coben is a folk poet of the suburbs and his well-tuned new mystery, Don't Let Go shows why ... This kind of writing is what we call poetry.' New York Times A SMALL TOWN IS HIDING BIG SECRETS ... Fifteen years ago in New Jersey, a teenage boy and girl were found dead. Most people concluded it was a tragic suicide pact. The dead boy's brother, Nap Dumas, did not. Now Nap is a cop - but he's a cop who plays by his own rules, and who has never made peace with his past. And when the past comes back to haunt him, Nap discovers secrets can kill...


Antal bedømmelser: 11
Elisabeth Abrahamsen


Lasse holstein-kick

Super super god. Noget af det bedste krimi, super plot...

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Random House
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John Chancer

Krimi og mysterier
Thriller / Spænding